Am I Ready To Be Confirmed?

On the day of your baptism your parents made a promise to raise you in the Lutheran faith.  Since you were a young child you've been attending worship and Sunday School and now you're preparing to affirm your faith.  You've learned much over the years and during Confirmation you'll revist the foundation of our faith.  You're probably wondering, "Am I ready to be confirmed?"  Well your Pastor and your guides will prepare you to answer that question.  We've also prepared a word document that frames the foundation of our Confirmation program and will help guide you on your jouney.  


Confirmation Service Opportunities Newsboard

  • Sign-up at church (bulleting board opposite the stairwell to go up or downstairs) to be a Communion assistant or an usher. 
  • Every Thursday afternoon change the sign board out front.  Contact Ellen in the office to volunteer (732.223.0533).
  • Bake Communion Bread!  Click here to view the ingredients and instructions