Pr. Mary's Pen_April 2015

April 2015 Pastor’s Pen

Dear Holy Trinity family,

On Maundy Thursday evening we celebrate the Lord’s Supper, remembering the Last Supper of our Lord with His friends.  You remember: He blessed the bread and wine and commanded them, “Do this to remember Me.”  We also perform the footwashing, remembering how our Lord, the Teacher, took on the role of servant to His students.  He, the Master, acted as slave, although even a slave could not be commanded to perform the dirty task of washing away the grime of Galilean dirt roads and the filth of Jerusalem’s well-traveled thoroughfares.   You remember: He commanded them, “Love one another as I have loved you.”

There is a beautiful hymn our choir sings, “In Remembrance of Me,” which includes this line : “In remembrance of Me, feed the poor....”  The hauntingly beautiful words and melody remind us that it is not enough to remember our Lord at the altarWe must recognize Him “in the least of these who are members of My family.” (Matthew 25:40)

The adoration we offer in the sanctuary during Holy Week must be matched by our devotion to God’s children out in the world the rest of the year.  This is why the members of MussQue Movers/Furniture Bank/Linen & Kitchen Brigades spend long hours and have traveled multitudinous miles hauling mattresses, picking up dressers, shopping for comforters, receiving and distributing miscellaneous donations.   This is why Family Promise volunteers cook for people they’ve never met, play with the displaced children of exhausted parents, and spend the night in a church basement, even when they’re headed to work the next day.  This is why food pantry volunteers haul grocery bags full of canned goods to Manasquan Pres., fill shelves with boxes of cereal and pasta, answer the phone and greet folks who would rather provide for themselves but need to ask others for help temporarily.  This is why we collect winter coats for the shivering and sturdy shoes for the barefooted and why we host so many 12 step meetings in the church facility.  Because we realize that we must recognize Him “in the least of these who are members of His family.”

Even on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday we remember the resurrection of our Lord.  Even on Easter we remember His crucifixion:

“For whenever you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes.”  (1 Corinthians 11:26)

This is the reflection Brother John Gaudreau offered in the e-devotion Morning Whispers about that verse:

It was a Passover meal like none his brothers had ever known as a way of life was proclaimed for all.  It doesn’t matter what happens to the bread and the wine… if we are not changed.

Dear Holy Spirit, may we be changed by our Holy Week and Easter season worship more and more into the likeness of our Christ, that we may carry Him into the world and serve Him there, to the Father’s glory.  Amen


Pastor Mary Virginia Farnham