Pr. Mary's Pen June_2015

June 2015 Pastor's Pen

Dear Holy Trinity family,

                Wow, is your head spinning??  We are anticipating Pastor Arnie’s retirement at the end of June.  He and Mary Ellen are moving to Pennsylvania, where they will be close to their son Paul and his family.  Hilary Guter, our Director of Music Ministry, and her husband Frank Guter, our interim office manager, also submitted their letters of resignation to Council on May 25.  They will be moving on to Grand Rapids, MI, at the end of July, where they will be in close proximity to Frank’s family.

                In the midst of all these changes, we might feel less anchored in familiarity and predictability than we’d like.  So let’s hold this reminder close to our hearts:

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday

and today and forever.   (Hebrews 13:8)

                “You could not step twice into the same river,” wrote 6th century B.C. Greek philosopher Heraclitus.  The flow of water changes continually, in volume and speed, shaping and reshaping the river bottom.    Here at the Shore we never jump into the same ocean twice.  The sea’s temperature varies; tide and waves shift the sand underfoot, rearrange the beach, wash up varied treasures, deposit different forms of litter.    So much changes.  Yet:

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday

and today and forever. 

Holy Trinity “old-timers” (who may not be all that old!) can list a host of changes that have occurred over the decades; they can name a long line of staff persons who have served in various capacities.  In a way the actors change but the roles remain the same, whether we are laity or ordained pastors, are leading the choir or singing from the pew, mentoring the children or upholding the elderly, feeding from the altar or from the coffee hour table, through the food pantry or Family Promise or Lutheran World Relief, making music or making a difference in the community. Our role is to be disciples, faithful followers, and to invite others into faithful discipleship.

                Let us be grateful for the gracious presence and life-giving ministry among us of Pastor Arnie and Mary Ellen, Hilary and Frank.  Let us be prayerful about God’s hopes and plans for our faith family, and carefully discern the future staffing that will enable us to respond faithfully.  Let us remember that in the midst of constant change in our personal and professional lives, in our community and in our world:

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday

and today and forever. 

That means we have a Savior for all seasons.  He calls us to proclaim Good News and to help God’s Kingdom come here and now.  Let us be faithful!

In the name of the Holy Trinity,                                                               

Pastor Mary