2014 September 13

Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Holy Cross Day

September 13-14, 2014

1)   What decoration was on Pharaoh’s headdress? ________________________________

2)   Why? _______________________________________________________________________________

3)   From what book of the Bible is today’s Old Testament lesson? [Check the Celebrate sheet!] ___________________________________________

4)   When the Israelites say, “Yuck!” about what God sends them to eat, what does God send instead? __________________________________________________________________

5)   What does God command Moses to put on a pole? _______________________________

6)   What happens to people who look at it?  __________________________________________

7)   Where should we lookwhen we need and want to be healed?  _______________________________________________________________________________________

8)   What verse of Scripture did Martin Luther call “the Gospel in miniature?  ________________________________________________________________________________________

9)   What does “the second death” mean? ____________________________________________

10)                      What’s one example of how someone might “perish” while he or she still lives? ___________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________

11)                      When does eternal life begin? [Circle the correct answer.] a) When you die; b) when you graduate from college; c) when you win the lottery; d) when you’re baptized.

12)                      Who is called to share God’s love? _________________________________________

13)                      Fill in the blanks:  For _______ so ___________________ the world that he gave his only _________ so that everyone who believes in him may not _______________ but may have _________________________ __________________________.

14)                      List one other thing you remember from the sermon J: __________________________________________________________________________________________