2015 January 10

Name: ___________________________________________________________


Sermon Notes: Baptism of Our Lord 2015

January 10-11


1)   Two third graders are being baptized this weekend.  Their first names are ______________________ and ________________________.

2)   The Jewish and the Christian baptismal ritual both symbolize __________________________ as well as cleansing.

3)   The old __________________ self has to die before the child-of-God true self can be ________________.  (This is why baptism is called a rebirth!)

4)   Who baptized Jesus?  ______________________

5)   St. Mark says Jesus saw “the heavens _____________ apart.” 

6)   What happened to the curtain in the Holy of Holies when Jesus died? ______________________________________________________________________________

7)   What are a couple of things the dove could symbolize?  a)______________________________________ b) _____________________________________

8)   Jesus hears God say, “You are my ____________, the ___________________.”

9)   When else does God call Jesus that? ________________________________________

10)                      Baptism isn’t a one-time cleansing.  It’s a __________________ bath of forgiveness.

11)                      The baptismal story could be called “The Great Rescue.”  Who rescues whom? _________________________________________________

12)                      Pets who have been rescued realize it and ________________ those who rescued them.  What’s the connection with baptism?? ________________________________________________________________________________

13)                      Do you remember your baptismal birthday?  _______  When is yours? _______________________

14)                      Who are your godparents? __________________________________________________________________________________

15)                      Martin Luther said, “Wash your face and remember your ___________________________.”