October 10-11, 2015

Name: _____________________________________________________



Twentieth Weekend After Pentecost:

“God’s Word: Just Do It!”



1)    What was Pastor Mary’s grandmother supposed to stop doing?? ____________________________________________________________________________

2)    The beginning of this weekend’s epistle from Hebrews is: “Indeed, the word of God is ______________________ and _______________________, sharper than a two-edged _______________________.”

3)    Scripture at worship used to be read in ____________________, not English.

4)    What did John Wycliffe do that got him into a lot of trouble in England? _________________________________________________________________________________

5)    What year did he do that? __________________

6)    What’s the word that means a terrible denial of the true faith? ___________________

7)    Jan Hus admired John Wycliffe and thought a lot like him.  When told to change his beliefs, Hus said, “I would not, for a chapel of _______________, recede from the __________________.”

8)    How did Hus die? ___________________________________________________________

9)    What experience did Martin Luther survive? _______________________________________________________________________________

10)                      William Tyndale was accused of heresy by King _____________________.

11)                      How did he die? _____________________________________________________

12)                      As Tyndale died, he prayed that whose eyes would be opened? _________________________________________________

13)                      What did the King change his mind about 3 years later?? _______________________________________________________________________________

14)                      “When people take God seriously they immediately realize that his word is not only something to be _____________________, something to be __________________, something to be _____________________ about; it is something to be __________________.  “

15)                      What’s one way to begin to read and understand the Bible? ___________________________________________________________________________________