Sermon Notes for Sept. 26-27, 2015

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Sermon Notes for Sept. 26-27, 2015

“Old Camel Knees”

James 5:13-20


1)   Why was James called Old Camel Knees? ___________________________________________________________________________________

2)   Another word for “epistle” is ______________________.

3)   James makes a case for the incredible power of ____________________________.

4)   Alfred Lord Tennyson, a British poet, wrote:

More things are wrought [made possible]by ____________________

            than this world dreams of.

5)   In The Message version of today’s epistle, James asks:

“Are you hurting?  _______________.”

6)   He also claims:

“_________________-prayer will heal you, and ______________ will put you on your feet.”

7)   What are 5 different ways our Holy Trinity community prays together?

a)    _______________________________________________________

b)    _______________________________________________________

c)     _______________________________________________________

d)   _______________________________________________________

e)    _______________________________________________________

8)   Martin Luther said: “As it is the business of a tailor to make clothes and of a cobbler to mend shoes, so it is the business of Christians to __________________.”

9)   We anoint the sick with ____________, as James talks about.

10)                      We believe in the ____________________________ of the faithful.  This means in Holy Baptism we are set apart to ____________ for the world.

11)                      When do you pray? _______________________________________________

12)                      What or who do you pray for? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________