Sermon Notes for October 24-25, 2015

Name: _____________________________________________________



Reformation Weekend

“Good works: God doesn’t need them.  Our neighbor does.”



1)    Rosie McSwain is from a group called ______________________________.

2)    That organization serves people in need of what? __________________________    ______________________________  In what state?



3)    About what experience did Rosie McSwain say, “It changed me”? ____________________________________________


4)    What’s a special ability/hobby Rosie has that she realized could help her raise money?



5)    Who’s the Tom after whom Tom’s Door is named? _____________________________________________________________


6)    How much $ does Rosie’s group raise each year?  $__________________


7)    How many paid staff does she have? ____________


8)    What do they make and sell? ___________________________________________________________


9)    Martin Luther says it’s important to remember that we’re not just freed from sin.  We are also freed for ______________ ________________.


10)                      Tertullian was an early church father who said, “Christians are ________________ not ________________.” (What does than mean??)


11)                      Baptism is important, but it’s only the beginning of a journey – like what other big life event? ______________________________


12)                      Being a disciple means being a ________________________ of Christ.


13)                      How do we know where our Lord Jesus is pointing us? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


14)                      When we love God we’re more afraid of breaking God’s _____________________ than breaking God’s law.


15)                      What will change us? _____________________________