Sermon Notes for December 5/6, 2015

Name: __________________________________________________________


Worship Notes for Advent 2, December 5-6, 2015


1)   What color candle on the 3rd weekend of Advent symbolizes joy?  _______________

2)   St. ___________________ wrote the letter to the Philippians.  Where did those people live?? __________________________________________________________________

3)   Alexander the Great’s father was _______________________ of Macedon.

4)   St. Paul had a dream in which people called to him, “Come here!”  Who did he believe was speaking to him through the dream? ________________________________

5)   _____________________ was a wealthy woman who sold purple cloth.

6)   St. Paul wasn’t supposed to have favorites, but it looks like who may have been his favorites  J??  _____________________________________________________________

7)   Who executed St. Paul? _________________________________________

8)   The nickname of the Letter to the Philippians is the Epistle of _________________.

9)   From which evangelist will we hear most in this new church year that began the first weekend in Advent?  _______________________________________

10)                      “ ____________________ is the most infallible sign of the presence of God.”

11)                      Paul says he constantly prays with ____________________.

12)                      Prayer is what?? ________________________________________________________________________________________


13)                      In Holy Baptism God set us apart as ____________________________________.

14)                      For whom do each of the fingers of our hand remind us to pray?

a.      Our thumb: __________________________________________________________________

b.     Our pointer finger: __________________________________________________________

c.      Our middle finger: ___________________________________________________________

d.     Our ring finger: ______________________________________________________________

e.      Our pinkie: ___________________________________________________________________


15)                      “Prayer changes things.  If nothing else, prayer changes ______________________________________________________________________.

16)                      St. Francis of Assisi said:

“Preach the ________________________.  If necessary, use ____________________________.”  What does that mean to you??