Transfiguration 2016 Sermon Notes

Name: ________________________________________________________________________




1)   What do we “bury” before Lent begins?? __________________________________________________________________________________

2)   The word “phototropic” means ______________________________________________.

3)   Lightis at the heart of the ________________________ season.

4)   The faithful old man ___________________ recognized Jesus as the ___________________.

5)   John the Baptist’s father Zechariah sang:

By the tender mercy of our God,

                        the ________________ from on high will break upon us,

      to give _________________ to those who sit in ________________________

      and in the shadow of ___________________.....

6)   What served as GPS for the wise men traveling from the East to worship the King? ___________________________________

7)   “The skin of ____________ face shone because he had been talking with God.”

8)   What’s the difference between Moses and Jesus, in terms of the light that shines from them?  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

9)   “There are two ways of spreading light:

to be the __________________ or the ____________________ that reflects it.”

10)                      “Let your light so shine before others, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”  This verse is from the Sermon on the ____________________.  When is it quoted in worship by the assisting minister? __________________________________________________________________________________

11)                      Do you remember what Moses did that left him radiant?  __________________________________________________________________________________         Do you remember what Jesus was doing when He was transfigured?  __________________________________________________________________________________

12)                       Hearing God’s message isnot enough.  Even believing it isnot enough.    We must_____________________________________________________________.

13)                      The fact that the end of today’s Gospel is in brackets means it’s ____________________________.

14)                      3 examples of HT friends shining with Christ-light? (Use flip side.)