Sermon Notes 2016-09-10

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Worship Notes for Sept. 10-11, ‘16


1)    The Boys in the Boatis about the ____________ team from the University of Washington that won Olympic gold in the city of _____________ in 19______.

2)    The gold medal was lost and found!  Where was it found? _________________________________   Who had “stolen” it smiley? __________________

3)    What evangelist wrote today’s Gospel? __________________  What are the chapter and verses?  (Hint: look in Celebrate!) __________________________ 

There are 2 things lost in today’s Gospel.  What are they?                           a) ___________________; b) __________________________. 


The next part of the story that we don’t hear today talks about another “lost” thing.  What/who is it? __________________________________________________

4)    An obsession is something that takes over our thoughts and seems so important we can barely think about anything else.  What is God’s obsession?? __________________________________________________________

5)    To be canonized means to be made a saint.  Who was canonized last week? ______________________________________________________________

6)    When a journalist saw her removing maggots from the open sores of a man lying in the gutter, he admitted, “I wouldn’t do that for a million dollars.”  How did she answer him? ________________________________________________________________________________  What did she mean?? ________________________________________________________

7)    What job did Father Mychal Judge do?  __________________________________________________________________________________

8)    Where and when did he die?  __________________________________________________________________________________

9)    What was he doing before he died? _________________________________________

10)  God probably won’t ask us to go to Calcutta or run into a burning, collapsing building this week.  God does want us to do something, though.  What is it?? __________________________________________________________

11)  What’s one example of how you could do that?


12)  Do you have another example of someone from history or your life who looked/looks out for “lost lambs”? ___________________________________________________________________________________