Sermon Notes December 17, 2016

Name: _______________________________________________________________

Fourth Weekend of Advent


Answer 1st 2 questions before the sermon begins!

1)   How many weekends of Advent are there? __________

2)   During Advent the color of the paraments (altar and pulpit/lectern hangings) and pastor’s stole (long scarf) is _______________.  This is the color of what virtue? ________________

3)   Carillon is the fancy name of the church’s ________________   _______________.

4)   List at least 4 different types of Advent/Christmas decorations inside and outside our sanctuary:

a)   ________________________________

b)   ________________________________

c)    ________________________________

d)   ________________________________

5)   St. Matthew tells the ____________________ in 8 verses; St. ______________ tells that story in 74 verses!

6)   In the Annunciation (announcement story) in St. Luke’s Gospel the angel __________________ tells ________________ God’s plan for her to be Jesus’ mother.

7)   In the Annunciation (announcement story) in St. Matthew’s Gospel a nameless angel tells ________________ about God’s plan for someone named above Jto be Jesus’ mother.

8)   What figure from his Nativity (crèche) set did Pastor Lou bring to Blue Christmas when he preached? ________________________

9)   Why? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

10)                   In St. Luke’s Gospel what are 3 times in the story when Joseph shows up?

a)   __________________________________________________________________

b)   __________________________________________________________________

c)    __________________________________________________________________

11)                 What are 3 messages Joseph gets in a dream in St. Matthew’s Gospel?

a)   __________________________________________________________

b)   __________________________________________________________

c)    __________________________________________________________

12)                 What are 3 other words (synonyms) for “righteous”?

a)   _________________________ b) ___________________________ c)___________________

13)                 What does it mean “to do the next right thing”? __________________________________________________________________________________