Sermon Notes for January 28-29, 2017

Name: ______________________________________________________



4th Weekend After Epiphany

Matthew 5:1-12

January 28-29, 2017


1)   Another translation for “Blessed” is ________________________.

2)   The word beatitude comes from the Latin word for ____________________.

3)   The beatitudes are part of the Sermon on the ____________________ in St. Matthew’s Gospel.

4)   What happens to Jesus right before He preaches that sermon?

a.     _______________________________________________________________

5)   Jesus’ inaugural address tells what’s on _____________ agenda.

6)   The Sermon on the Mount is so important, when else do we get a chance to talk about it? 

a.    _____________________________________________________

b.    _____________________________________________________

7)   The Magnificat is the name of a song that _________________ sings.  It’s recorded in St. ___________________________ Gospel.

8)   It says, God “has brought down the _________________________ from their thrones, and lifted up the _________________________.  He has filled the __________________________ with good things, and sent the ________________ empty away.”  (See Luke 1:51-53.)

9)   Through our Lord Jesus and through the Holy Spirit working in what kinds of people does God save the world? (Give 4 examples out of the 8.)

a.    People who ____________________________________________

b.    People who ____________________________________________

c.     People who ____________________________________________

d.    People who ____________________________________________

10)                 Our synod is having a workshop on “Becoming an ______________________________    ______________________________.”

11)                 Christ “still needs witnesses; he needs those who are prepared, not so much to ____________ for him, as to ____________ for him.”